The history of Simia Sapiens' debut album "Wake Up Or Die" goes back to 2010. When Marcel and his two brothers decided to start a band, he began to write songs - at that time strongly inspired by Dave Wyndorf's (Monster Magnet) songwriting and the associated guitar solos of Ed Mundell. They did not want to restrict themselves on one music style, so the influence of other bands like Pink Floyd, Bad Religion and Gogol Bordello were quickly integrated into the songs.


Years passed, things changed...


...and soon it became clear that the current idea wasn't going to remain a family project. With the finished songs in the bag, Marcel was looking for new musicians. In the course of 2016, Richie and Liridon joined, and finally Bob who completed the band.

Simia Sapiens was born


Together, the four boys with roots from Switzerland, Kosovo, England and Scotland are now on the way to the musical revolution. Lyrically they are uncompromising and blunt in the message they have. Many people refuse to think about important topics, because it is not easy to choose which politician is telling the right lies or making the wrong compromises. Simia Sapiens wants to motivate these people to think and not to be distracted or manipulated by the media and to work together for the right thing.


But what is the right thing?


Humanity, compassion, solidarity, justice and same opportunities for each and everyone! Because egoism, greed, xenophobia and the mentality that keeps up a system of borders and nations does not lead to a better world. We must finally understand that we are all brothers and sisters!


The band's goals are big...


Some of them are realistic, a few have been almost reached, others are seemingly utiopian... What Simia Sapiens wants to achieve: Giving many concerts, releasing many albums, venturing into more music styles, touring around the world, partying, making people happy, being inspiration, new world order...!


With this all said, Wake Up or Die

Simia Sapiens