May 17th 2017


We would like to thank the Tumbleweed team, Treibhaus Luzern and Ecstatic Vision for another very successful night!


In February, we launched Simia Sapiens for the first time. Last night - nearly three months later - we played Concert No. 10! So we already celebrated a small anniversary.


In the summer months it will be a bit quieter, with a couple of concerts spread throughout the summer. We use this time to work on new songs to get Simia Sapiens back at the same tempo by autumn.


But as we said before, you do not have to do without us all summer, some concerts are already fixed, others are planned. We will keep you updated here.






February 2nd 2017 - Simia Sapiens are on stage!


Only days after we decided to start booking gigs, we got positive answers from two locations. We are happy to anounce:


February 11th - Wallstreet Bar in Zurich

February 17th - Gaskessel in Bern


At the concert in Bern we will participate in the international bandcontest Emergenza. To reach the semi-final we need YOUR support. So if you are free Friday 17th, please come along and vote for us!


We hope to see you there!




January 20th 2017 - We're back!


It has been a while since our last sign of life... But we were not lazing around, nor hibernating (although we’d like to), but have made our band room almost our new home for intensive practicing, jamming, debating and drinking... Result: we still love each other (mostly;)) and are ready now to bring „Wake Up Or Die“ live on stage! We are now looking for venues to play, no matter where and when, whether it's a cellar, living room, wedding, funeral or on stage.


There will be news continuously here or on our Facebook Site.







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Upcoming Gigs


Sept 8th - Laufen - 42'er Pub

Sept 9th - Laufen - 42'er Pub

Sept 29th - Aarau - Barracuda

Nov 11th - Wetzikon - Raum 142

Dec 27th - Zürich - Ebrietas


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